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Memes? Really?

Well yeah! Who doesn’t love memes? I mean seriously, who doesn’t? I can literally scroll trough my Instagram all day lying in bed watching memes and still not get enough of it. All the memes are so relatable and funny! They literally make me forget the problems I’m going through.

Our Story

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Everyone has a beginning, and this is where we start from (I’m probably gonna end in memes too). I make memes, like memes, share memes. Basically, I live with memes and I love my life.

I started my journey with memes a long time ago, back in 2015 when I used to be really sad and mad about almost everything. Scrolling through memes gave me energized me in 2 ways. 

Firstly, I got to know that I am not alone, there are many people around this world, of all race and religion who go through the same problems as you do.  

Secondly, people can create hella funny jokes about hella serious problems. Well, I don’t know how this helps, but at least it helps you forget hoe damn serious the stupid problem is for a while.

Meet the Team

Not a lot of people are involved with us, but here we are, we love sharing our love for memes and bringing a smile to your face.

Varnika Gautam

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Madhurjya Mohan funny dank memes maker

Madhurjya Mohan

Footballer and memer

Do you love funny memes?

Are you like one of us? Do you also like scrolling through funny memes throughout the day and not do anything else?

Share your experiences with us and tell us which is your favorite meme.