We are back again with top 10 most hilarious memes

After browsing the internet, you’re likely to run into more than a few of the web’s most popular memes. These hilarious images have now gone viral but we did a little bit of digging to find out where they really originated from. Keep watching to see the real stories behind ten of the most hilarious internet memes.


10. Skeptical Baby Meme

skeptical baby meme funny dank memes

Skeptical baby is one of the most popular and adorable images to hit the web. A man named Dave his wife Rhiannon and their son Mason were visiting the Museum of Natural Sciences in November in 2011. When Dave asked a photographer to take some family photos. Mason’s adorable yet skeptical face was too hilarious for Dave to keep to himself. So, he uploaded it to Reddit within a few hours. The photo of Mason with his eyebrow along with some equally funny captions that usually begin with you mean to tell me spread like wildfire.

9. College Freshman

Griffin Karras t-post for a photo for Reader’s Digest and as soon as a redditor got their hands on the stock image it instantly became one of the most hilarious internet memes. Griffin’s photo was included alongside funny quotes that pertained to the excitement that most college freshmen feel when they first stepped foot on campus. captions such as first day of college I love Ultimate Frisbee, were plastered all over his photo he later outed himself on his personal blog and expressed embarrassment about the goofy picture by saying I look like a fun freshman.

8. Hipster Barista

Hipster Barista funny meme dank memes

The hipster barista is an image of a heavily tattooed man wearing a v-neck t-shirt a scarf and a side swoop bang that would make a young Justin Bieber jealous. The meme includes captions that poke fun at coffee shop baristas which is something that the man behind the meme Dustin Matson didn’t take lightly. After his image went viral in 2011 Dustin who runs in Atlanta coffee shop said he found the meme to be discouraging and disappointing for those in the culinary industry and to all professional baristas.

7. Kanye Interrupts

Kanye west funny memes

When Kanye West snatched the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hand during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, the image of the annoyed rapper would soon become one of the funniest internet memes. Kanye believed Taylor Swift was undeserving of the Best Female Video honor so he suddenly rushed the stage and said yo Taylor. I’m really happy for you I ‘ma let you finish but, Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. The Kanye interrupts meme was then born and the rapper’s image along with the caption i’ma let you finish hit the web. The photoshopped Kanye image has gone on to interrupt everyone from Mozart to Adolf Hitler


6. Attractive Convict

When Megan McCullough was arrested for driving under the influence back in 2010, she had no idea her glamorous mugshot would become a viral internet meme. Redditors got their hands on her mug shot and added the caption wanted in 50 states. Megan a mother of four says she didn’t think her mugshot was a good picture of her at all and she was more concerned with how her parents would react to the news of her arrest. in the end, she says getting locked up and having her mugshot plastered all over the Internet was a wake-up call for her to finally get her life together.


5. Michaela is not impressed

In 2012 gymnast mckayla maroney won second place in the vault finals and had a hilarious look on her face during the medal ceremony that soon became one of the most memorable internet memes. As she made the unimpressed facial expression with her lips pursed to the side the internet took her image and went wild with it. A Dumbo page dedicated to her face was created and her unimpressed expression popped up on images. like the photo of Muhammad Ali knocking out his opponent Sonny Liston. Michaela was a good sport about the meme and even did her unimpressed look alongside President Obama.


4. Sheltering Suburban Mom

Romance novelist Karen drogon who writes under her pen name of Carly Phillips was initially horrified when her author photo was transformed into the internet meme known now as sheltering suburban mom. After her photo was uploaded to Reddit the image went viral alongside captions that joke about hypocritical smothering and overprotective mothers. Carly has since accepted her internet fame but she wants the world to know she’s nothing like the uptight suburban mom the mean portrays.


3. Angelina Jolie’s leg

Angelina Jolie’s right leg became the star of the 2012 Oscars. When the actress appeared on the red carpet alongside Brad Pitt wearing a black Versace dress with a thigh-high split her leg became the most talked-about body part of the Internet. Tumblr users began to photoshop images of her leg onto the Statue of Liberty, Darth Vader and next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa we never knew where her right leg would show up next.


2. Grumpy Cat

Tabitha bunda since brother snapped a photo over cat TARDIS sauce looking ticked off and posted it to Reddit. Within 48 hours the photo had nearly 1 million views and the name grumpy cat was born. The cat who has a form of dwarfism and an underbite that gives her a frown became so popular the endorsement started to roll in and Tabitha was able to quit her job as a waitress tartar has since been featured in The Wall Street Journal in New York Magazine. There’s even a movie called grumpy cat’s worst Christmas ever in honor of the cranky feline.


1. First World Problems Girl

The first world problems memes have been around for a while but they didn’t really catch our attention until it was associated with the image of Italian model and actress Silvia Puccini. A photo of Silvia in distress with tears running down her face was transformed into one of the funniest memes of all time. The memes have captions pertaining to problems that privileged people experience that would make those in foreign nations for older eyes, captions such as I’m so tired of eating at all the restaurants near work gave us all a good chuckle

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